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Update: July 15th

- Here are some things to know heading into Saturday's golf

- We'll start the Tee Offs at around 11:30 AM

- Everyone will play two (2) rounds (18 holes).

- Golf club members don't pay green fees, non-members will. ($30)

- 1st round regular golf, maximum 10 strokes / hole. (If you've shot 10 times, you can pick up your ball)

- 2nd round - Partners (we'll chose, OR, if you're not comfortable with an unknown partner, you can golf with one of the people you came with)

- Wing Special after the 2nd round.

- Angie is buying a cooler, and looking for prize donations to fill it up. Golf balls, Coke-a-cola, anything that you'd like to donate would be fine.

- Tickets will be sold at $20 each, for a chance to win the prizes.

- Typically, the money raised goes to Canadian Blood Services. However, we might switch it up this year, but we'll look for your input on Saturday. Garry suggests that this year, we can donate the money to Jim Davenport's family, as they are getting a tree planted, and a park bench built (with a plaque), to be placed in Jim's favorite park (it's a Greendale Wisconsin thing). The costs, with the plaque, are upwards of $1,000 (Garry's guesstimate), and the money would greatly help out Jim's widow, Cathy, to have Jim's wishes carried out. Just something to ponder.

- Any questions for the golf club, you can give them a call at 306-554-2154. Questions for Garry, phone 306-554-3483, or email hagar@sasktel.net

- More news as it breaks . . . .



Due to COVID-19, and the restrictions on gatherings, many tournaments at Wynyard Golf Club have been cancelled, or restructured for this year.

That includes the 29th Jim Davenport Charity Golf Tournament, that would have been scheduled for Saturday, July 18th.

Jim Davenport, the bone marrow donor to Garry Finnson, passed away, at his home in Greendale Wisconsin, in December of last year. Jim was battling cancer, on multiple fronts, and was hospitalized on numerous occasions, to receive treatment.

Since the tournament won't officially be running this year, there are a few of us who have decided that we would like to get together on that day, and have a round or two of golf, in Jim's honour. It will be a simple affair, with people booking Tee Times, and observing the 10 minute rule between groups heading out on the course.

If you would like to join in, we're asking that you complete the form below (pretty much your name, contact info, and number of people in your group), so that we can present the club house with some numbers, so that preparations can be made.

We don't have anything carved in stone yet, but if you respond, by filling out the form, we can start to make preparations, and inform the clubhouse staff as to what to expect.

More details will be sent out, once we have a clearer picture, after the forms are submitted.

If you have any questions, or comments, you can email Garry at hagar@sasktel.net, or call 306-554-3483.

Enjoy the summer, and stay safe.

Garry Finnson
BMT recipient, Dec 1990

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