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Wynyard Golf Club
Ph: 306-554-2154
Ladies Night


Ladies Night



  • Due to Covid-19 regulations, all tee times must be Pre-Booked (No walk-ons or shotgun starts).
  • MAXIMUM 4 golfers per group - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If you don’t have a group, you can phone the clubhouse (554-2154), and they will assign you to a group.
  • There will be no birdie club this year, due to the new flag regulations.
  • Each week there will be Giftcard Draw.

               Pay $5 for a chance to win a gift card.

               Full payout (10 people play = $50 pay out)

               You do not need to stick around to win.

               If you aren't staying after golf, make sure you put your NAME AND PHONE NUMBER on your paper, in case you win.

  • The full menu will be available each week, along with a supper option .