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Free Caddie - Wynyard Sk. Golf Course
Wynyard Golf Course Smartphone App


The Wynyard Golf Course has been mapped to the Free Caddie smartphone app. (* Kelvington has been added.)

Free Caddie is a 'free' application, that allows the user to map their favorite course to their smartphone, or download perviously mapped courses.

The basic free version has the distances to the front, centre, and back of the green.

The PRO version ($4.16 Canadian), has a set of features that includes the distances, four-person score card, statistics, and Shot Measuring (how far did you just hit that last shot?)

If you're interested in Free Caddie, you can visit their website at FreeCaddie.com

When you login, you'll have access to multiple golf courses that have been mapped. To find the Wynyard Golf Course, go to the bottom of their 'courses' page, and search for "Wynyard Golf Course".

You'll see the Wynyard Saskatchewan course listed at the bottom. You can download the Wynyard course from there.

Once you have the App installed, and have the course downloaded to your phone, you're set to go!

Note: - The Wynyard Golf Club has no affiliation with Free Caddie, or any of it's partners or sponsors, and provides this page as an 'information' resource only. For more information on our website policies, please visit our disclaimer page.